Nothing Feels Right

by Leaving

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All songs and lyrics written by Leaving

Recorded and mixed by Perry Wesley
Album artwork by Abby Principe

Leaving is:

David Goff
Dusty Clark
Josh Hess


released August 3, 2014

Recorded at Clark Residence (RIP) and Rico's Palace
Recorded July 2014



all rights reserved


Leaving Somerset, Kentucky

Guys being dudes.

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Track Name: Make It Up to You
i couldn't say the words that were sweeping through me / and I couldn't save us once before / you told me it would be okay / all i could think about was running away /
it's what i've done since i was a kid / so that's what i did /

would it make you feel better to know that it wasn't a lie? / i've been trying to figure it out, but decided not to reply /

grabbed my things and took shelter in my silent ways /
wishing i could counter your heartbreak /
i'm such a fucking flake /

if i could, i'd make it up to you //
Track Name: Townhouse
still penciling in the details / half torn pages, they stare at me / notebooks spread across bed sheets / roommates are packing / taking to the road / not that far off / but further than you know /

i'm left holding up in an empty bed, with no emotion / blank pages, they stare at me / i wish you would notice / ask me if i'm okay / i'll turn my head to tell you, i'm not okay //
Track Name: Birch
but is it really going to make a difference / if i told you not to go? / would you really consider staying? / i need to know / i want to share this with you / i can't look at you anymore / feeling desolate beneath textures of your home /

i'm finding reasons to run away / anchor me, before it's too late / show me that this is real / i'm full of words you don't want to hear /

anchor me //
Track Name: Anchor
anchor me in the middle of your sea / before i jump into the blue waves / take me away //
Track Name: Raining
is this what living is? / i thought that it would be better than this / will it be worth it in the end? / i'm so far away, i need my friends /
this town's too small / i'm sick of it all / and i can't stay / i hope that you call / it's cold outside / it's raining, i'm feeling like i'm gonna die / but i don't care / no one cares /

getting so close, to the place that i call home /

i am trying to prove to you that i'm dying without you / i am trying to prove to you that i'm dying //
Track Name: Sleepless
you're cold / lying breathless in a box / shaped and shifted by someone who's never even met you / but that's how it's always been / you'd choose anyone over family, or love from a friend /

it feels like there's a hole in my chest / when i look at the photos of us / i was so young / you were so old /

and it's funny how growing up changes everything about you in my head / and being in this house /

i never really loved you anyway / i just loved the idea of someone being there / someone i thought i knew /

and it's funny how growing up changes everything about you in my head //